ARKref is a Noun Phrase Coreference System.

It is a Java-based, deterministic, rule-based system that uses syntactic information from a constituent parser, and semantic information from an entity recognition component. Its architecture is based on the work of Haghighi and Klein (2009).

It was developed by Brendan O'Connor and Michael Heilman, and written mostly in 2009 and 2010.

For more information, see:
ARKref: a rule-based coreference resolution system. Brendan O'Connor and Michael Heilman. arXiv:1310.1975, Oct 2013.

Online Demo

Enter a few sentences of text in the box below (or click on an example) and then click "Resolve." The system will take a few seconds per sentence to respond.

A Few Examples to Try


Download a release: arkref-20110321.tgz

Or, access on github: